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Paysite Reviews admin on Jan 06 2008

Hunks Uncut Review

Hunks Uncut promises nice hunky guys with foreskin. Ok, the sites layout is the simplest thing. We have a group of links up top. The actual content you want is pretty much all on the main page. The links either take you to a separate page where it is categorized, or they simply scroll the page down to the selected content. The only links that you might want to pay attention to are the downloadable Mpegs, and the live feeds link.

There are about 21 separate videos, and each video is separate into three sections, the high speed streaming video, the low quality streaming video, and the downloadable videos. Each video is cut up into 7 chunks and are sequentially numbered. There is also a gallery associated to each video, of about 100 or less pics. Each gallery is separated to about 5 pages with about 25 pics on each page. The gallery navigation is a little funky, as the only way to make your way through the pages via little arrows that point left or right, or have little lines on them or a picture of a house, pretty much the universal symbols for back forewords, home and such. Just a little awkward.

Now, as for the site. I enjoyed quite a few of the uncut videos that they have. The Sean and Terry video was a personal favourite. I have a thing for those foreskins that sort of go half way down the cock head. Although I am like 98% sure that the cute blonde one is a really young Rod Berry. I still enjoyed it quite a bit. The boys are usually French, I’m betting quebecois from what I can hear of the French being spoken. Not heavy on story, or fantasy. Basically just the boys getting it on with foreskin included, which is nice. Another video is Guillaume & James, a nice dark skinned French couple with nice big uncut cocks. Very nice to look at. The sites bonus content is pretty cool too. So all in all not a bad site. I would defiantly give them a try for the dollar.

3 Day Trial $1.00,
5 Day Trial $6.95,
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Hunks Uncutadmin on Jan 05 2008

Hot uncut cocksucking

hunks uncut

Bryan has a big hard-on on Marion. He adores his hunk bod and gets realy horny everytime he sees him. So when Marion came to him wearing just his jockeys, Bryan quickly got down on his knees and started sucking Marion’s cock ferociously. To his surprise, Marion is also a cock sucker and swallowed his rod whole! Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google Yahoo Ask Squidoo

Hunks Uncutadmin on Jan 03 2008

Uncut hunks fucking in public


This horny beasts have the hottest hardcore man to man fuck scene ever. They certainly know how to deliver the most pleasurable hard cock sucking. They lick each other’s asses like there’s no tommorow and stick their throbbing shaft against each’s tight round asses. Check it out as these hunks suck and fuck each other finishing with a huge sprem explosion! Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google Yahoo Ask Squidoo

admin on Jan 01 2008

Terry and James


What do you get when you put two horny teen hunks in the same bed naked? Well, we didn’t really expect these two stallions to go hardcore, but they can’t seem to resist each other especially after seeing each other’s huge uncut dicks throbbing against one another. See them in a steamingly explicit cock sucking action that ends in wild sperm explosion Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google Yahoo Ask Squidoo

admin on Dec 31 2007

Alex and David

open up and suck that uncut cock

The great outdoors brings out the horniness in these uncut hunks. When Alex started licking David’s hard rod, Roland got a big hard-on and asked Mathias to suck his cock. It was such a hardcore man to man orgy going from two guys sucking one dick to everybody get’s sucked circle blowjob to tight ass banging. Check it out! Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google Yahoo Ask Squidoo

Cock Dockers

I must hand it to the makers of this next site for coming up with one of the more interesting approaches to gay adult entertainment. As the site title suggests, Cock Dockers is not your usual run of the mill dirty destinations! If you’re a porn aficionado who appreciates gay male adult sexuality, then read on, as Cock Dockers was designed just for folks like you in mind. I know I’m usually the last one to know a lot of things, but I’m kind of hoping that I was not the only one who had to look more closely to figure out what “cock docking” was.

I’m not sure if this is a kinky activity reserved more for Eastern European gays, but I am sure that you need an uncut cock to play this game! Yup, cock docking involves slipping one cock into the foreskin of another as far as it will go (stretching is highly encouraged). This latest carnal act does lend to some interesting and unique visuals. I confess that this is the first site I have reviewed to date which involves this practice, although I’m sure it goes on elsewhere unnoted.

As a cock docking voyeur, you immediately inherit front row seats to gay uncut cocks, so if you have a foreskin fetish, you should be a happy camper. Unlike many other porn “novelty” sites, the cock docking theme is served as the main exclusive focus. Most of the attention visually is on the two cocks and their foreskins being manipulated manually and orally. There is NO anal sex and even the oral seems oriented to foreskin and penis head stimulation. This is a different approach and in some ways makes the “on-topic” portion of this site score good points for originality.

If you’re wondering about how much fun you can have without butt banging and gagging, from what I could tell in the galleries, these guys had very satisfying experiences. In addition to fondling each other creatively, once one cock was docked inside the other, mutual masturbation was a one-hand job for two guys! Points are awarded to the makers for this creative jack off concept. There are lots of closeups to show the cocks fused into one and being jerked off together until they cum from all the handy attention.

Each cock docking episode is available to view as video clips and picture galleries. There are 23 episodes devoted to this theme and I was impressed by the number of variations which could be applied to this practice. I must warn you though, that watching these guys trying to slip slippery dicks into one another can get a bit nerve wracking in a fun kind of way. There is definitely a technique to this and, yes, it has a lot to do with the wrist action.

The video galleries are broken out into scenes which you can download or stream as WMV in high or low speed formats. The filming is sharp and you get up close and personal to all the action. The pictures for each episode are well produced and equally sharp at 667×1000 pixels. The pictures sets are thumbnailed and paginated so you can easily scoot the most inspiring shots with ease.

Should you be in the mood for more than dueling dick action, the makers of this site have graciously included lots of additional bonus content related to all flavors of gay adult sexuality. $29.96 is the ticket price for one month of access, but you can take a peek for a buck (3 Day Trial), or $6.95 will buy you a 5 Day Trial.

This site is definitely unique enough to give it an edge over other more general gay porn destinations and considering the reasonable price, Cock Dockers is definitely worth adding to your must check out list! Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google Yahoo Ask Squidoo

2 hot uncut hunks kissing

2 hot uncut hunks kissing

Nick and Jeremy loves to fuck outdoors. The thrill of sucking a hard cock outdoors really gets them horny. Jeremy’s cock got so stiff that Nick found a hard time swallowing that long man rod. Jeremy gave Nick a wet blowjob in return plus some serious ass licking that made Nick moan in ecstasy. It was such a steamy time that you have to check out! Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google Yahoo Ask Squidoo

Muscle Matt

uncut muscle matt

Mr. Muscle Matt has the best muscles in town. He adores his body so much and is not ashamed to show it off for the whole world to see and adore. Check out Matt as he shows his hot muscle bound body as he poses naked. See him in the most erotic poses as he shows his hardest, longest and thickest part of his awesome bod! Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google Yahoo Ask Squidoo

Walter And Alex


Walter is the coach of Alex in their school’s football team. Walter really adores Alex and always day dream of sucking Alex’s hard cock which is constantly visible from his jock. It was a dream come true when Alex started to come on Walter with a hard cock and lucious french kisses. Coach Walter wasted no time in devouring this hunk’s big cock. Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google Yahoo Ask Squidoo

Two uncut virgins


Mateie and Ricky had never had a man to man sex before and is curious on how it feels. They decided to try it on themselves to satisfy their curiosity. Check out as the amateur studs suck each other’s light off like a pro. These two loves to explore every inch of each’s body and cock that both of them got so satisfied and exploded a ton of man juice Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google Yahoo Ask Squidoo

Uncut campus hunks

uncut student and teacher

Guillaume suckered Michael in getting it on with him. He knew that Michael was desparate to pass the exams when Michael asked him for help. Guillame helped him alright, that is by helping him cum! Check out as these two campus hunks engage into a steamy man to man hardcore scene that ends up in serious sperm eruption Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google Yahoo Ask Squidoo

Foreskin Fantasy

I’m not sure what it is but there is something really exciting about seeing a guy with an uncut cock so when I saw that the Foreskin Fantasy members area really was packed full of men with uncut dicks and natural foreskins I couldn’t wait to write about it. From the uncut cock movies through to the natural foreskin image sets this site really does have it all for lovers of uncut cocks.

Foreskin Fantasy is one of those sites that you just can’t help taking your time to look at not because of fancy graphics inside the members area though but, because of the sexy models in the members area and the sheer amount of content to be found. The first thing you notice is how easy the site is to navigate, you can tell a lot of effort went in to organizing the Foreskin Fantasy members area home page so you can see a little bit of everything that the site has to offer.

As soon as I logged in my first port of call was the movie section so, I clicked on the ‘XXX Movies’ link and was taken to a page packed full of clear thumbnails and links to even more pages of movies, well over 100 individual movies can be found inside the members area. I watched a couple of the uncut cock movies and they not only loaded very quickly but, were a pretty decent quality, I wouldn’t call them DVD quality but, they were pretty close to it. My only gripe with the movies is that they weren’t bigger in size at 480×360 in viewable dimension I really couldn’t see as much of the guys uncut cocks as I would have liked to but, the quality and quantity of foreskin movies more than made up for that.

After watching several of the uncut cock movies my mind started to wonder so I headed across to the image gallery section where again, I was greeted by a page full of clear thumbnails in addition to links to over 50 other pages of uncut cock image galleries.

Upon clicking several of the galleries I should mention that there is a lot of image content in this site but, some of it I have seen before elsewhere however, the quality and quantity of pictures more than made up for the few image sets I had seen before. There was also a nice selection of different types of guy, from uncut white guys to black guys, hairy guys and even uncut twinks, the image gallery section really does have the most natural foreskin content I have seen in a long time.

The next part of the Foreskin Fantasy members area I checked out was the ‘online dating’ section and, as I expected it took me outside the site to a 3rd party site so I wasn’t to impressed with that. I also checked out the ‘blog’ link which took me to a simple page where I could create me own porn blog which is something I haven’t seen in many sites. There were also links to various customer support areas as well as a story section and a plugins feed section which did have a theatre dedicated to uncut cocks.

If you love natural uncut cocks, then Foreskin Fantasy certainly does have a lot of content to offer, from the extensive amount of movies to be found and the thousands of image galleries what we’re promised on the sites tour is definitely inside the site however, some of the links in the navigation menu do take you outside the members area which I thought was a little bit bad. That being said, if you are looking for an uncut cock site then Foreskin Fantasy definitely comes highly rated and I’m pretty sure that ill be keeping my membership for a month or two longer. Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google Yahoo Ask Squidoo